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Clash of Clan Update (11.10.2017)

11.10.2017 ေန႔ထြက္ Clash of Clan Update ေလး

File Size 89.0MB

Clash of Clans 9.256.4 Update

Clans, friends and clan friends
• Challenge your clanmates to friendly battles in the Builder Base
• Work with your clan to unlock new Clan Perk levels and gain access to tiered Clan Badges
• See the online status of your friends
• Watch friends' attacks live in both the Home Village and Builder Base

New building and troop levels
• New troop levels to Golem and Valkyrie
• New building levels to Air Sweeper and Bomb Tower
• 25 more maximum level wall pieces

ေအာက္ပါ link မွာ Download ယူနိုင္ပါသည္။



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